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Some seo courses have beyond and out of the reach of many small businesses and entrepreneurs. This has caused many to throw hard earned money at really good sale's people that sell a service that just did not work for you or anyone else.

SEO Cost, below is a list of Do's and Don't's that will save you huge money in the long run.

1) Do learn some SEO for yourself, at least learn what it is and how it works. This way if you must hire someone to do this you will know what to expect as far as results.

2) If you must hire out, and only do this if you really have to. Be sure you get all of the passwords of the tools they will be using to measure the results. This way you can monitor your website traffic daily. If they have a problem with giving you this information, ask them to open a goolge analytics account (any webmaster can do this in under five minutes) again giving you access to monitor your website traffic daily.

Before you pay anything YOU MUST have a way to check his or her work, there is plenty of SEO'ers that make great claims but never prove results.

3) Do be sure to do the simple and easy stuff like, make sure your website title is written somewhere in the webpage, 2. be sure to open a facebook and manta account with your company name on it, because the search engines do rank facebook pages, and Manta pages as well.

4) Do some link building, this is just placing your link on other websites and blogs within the same category as yours. Without spamming you just visit blogs and or forums leave a good comment or answer a question. At the end of your comment you just leave your website link.

5) Do realize that the best seo that can be done to your website can really only be done by you. For example let's say you are a farmer and you want to showcase more products to a larger audience. If you were to hire someone, they would have to find a list of keywords nationally and locally for the area that the farmer lives in. This wil cost about $750.00, approx. 10 hours at $75.00 per hour.

The farmer on the other hand would already have the information and if he/she would take any of the online seo courses they reall would not be that far from where they need to be. The farmer would have known that there are about 20 different types od peaches, but the seo'er just found out he/she has to produce matieral for all 20 of these peaches.

You know your business better than most SEO'ers, just remember that whenever you are ready to take on one of many free seo courses.

Author Dale Dupree Brown

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