Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing also known as partner or associate program are simple way for website to generate income by directing traffics to other websites and is a great way to increase traffic and revenue.

Since it is convenient and also work so well, they have become dominant in the internet marketing. There are four different kind of affiliate program.

Pay per impression (CPM). Currently pay per impression and Pay Per Click (PPC) are not common in affiliate marketing since they lack results and they were many fraud cases associated with them .

The sight was reviewed and it has now features called site targeting which allow users to display AdSense on specific website.Contextual advertising birth was after Google launched AdSense in the year 2003, Google AdSense technology analyzes text from any website and deliver what is relevant and appropriate increasing the importance of the page.

This makes the viewers to click on the advertisement placed on them.Search Engine Marketing. Most people confused it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It improves the raking of the website in the search engine and give understanding of complicated ranking algorithims used by search engine.

Affiliate Marketing Program

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