Content Writing

Content Writing

After brainstorming a bit, I figured out that there are four major sources of friction that make web writers slower, less productive, and less awesome than they could be.They are:

Your Writing is Subpar.
Poor writing will cost you jobs and clients. If you're a bad writer, you face humiliation. Procrastination becomes a constant companion. You start each day with a mark in the loss column. This blunts your energy and enthusiasm and motivation.

You are Too Damn Slow.
Sloth Syndrome sucks. If you're too slow, you cannot support yourself writing or reach your other goals. Slothfulness bleeds into every aspect of your work and life. You may have no time left for other critical tasks. It's like driving with the emergency brake on. It doesn't matter if you're a legitimately brilliant writer -- if you drive a metaphorical Porsche -- if your emergency brake is up, you're going to spin your wheels and suffer.

You Have No Process or System.
Do you have a way to replicate your successes? To systematically find and eliminate what's holding you back? If not, prepare to ride an emotional and financial rollercoaster. Without systems and processes, you can't predict your income stream and plan your budget. Your site or blog will suffer, because you'll be doing it in fits and starts.

You Have Research Issues.

Researching on the web is a complicated business. The internet is a weird environment. Legally speaking, it's the Wild West. Some subjects are tougher than others to R&D. Adding too many citations can be messy and complicated. But both plagiarism and paraphrasing can get you penalized by Google, by your clients, and by the law itself.

Content Writing

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