written by: Zemarya

There are various web analytic tools here is a list of the major tools and how they work:

1. Google analytic: this is one of the most used tools. It easy to use and it is free, it is currently the most used with over 50% of the total website owners around the world. It enables the owner to know the location of the visitors, what they do in the site and how often they visit.

2. Yahoo web analytic: this tool is more like Google analytic however it is more thorough than Google tool. It is as easy to use as Google tool however it a good step up after using Google tool.

3. Crazy egg: this is another tool that is easy to use and very efficient. It enables you to see which parts of the website visitors find interesting since you can track which parts they click. This enables you to know the parts of the website that needs improvement.


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