PHP SEO: Make proper SEO using PHP

PHP SEO: Make proper SEO using PHP

Search Engine Optimization is an important thing for every website, mainly if it is supposed to be used in an online business. On the other hand, the people who have knowledge about website development, placing tags, meta-tags and more other things, surely have idea about PHP programming. Now, in an order to make SEO more effective, one can use certain services.

This is basically a modified PHP programming where the codes are based on SEO. The process is simple, yet it is properly strategized. Some very simple facts need to be added over there to make the functions run in a proper way. Let us find out how these things can be done.

Using a Dynamic heading tag:

One can use simple header tag instead of using an index tag. It would not heap up the tags on a page and would make it easier to the search engines to locate the page. Basically, using PHP tags in the URL helps the search engine to find the site or the page differently. While the URL is split into different segments, there is a possibility to put the site on a top rank in search ratings.

Putting meta-tags properly:

Meta tags take important part in SEO. The search engines basically find out the Meta tags in the codes and set up optimization on that. This basically helps to do that using codes in proper places in proper way.

Page-specific PHP Variables:

Defining PHP variables differently in every page is important for SEO. It is better to assign the values differently so that the users can find their searches immediately on the search engines. Sometimes the programmers draw strings from one page to another, but this system may make the function better.

Using shorter URLs:

The longer URLs you create, things get messier for the search engine. One should use more PHP codes using .htaccess files and need to control the URLs in order to get a higher rank on the search list. It will also help to get organic traffic to the site.

Interesting page title:

A catchy page title is another fact that helps to create good SEO for a website. An eye-catchy site would easily get noticed by the organic traffic. It should be a shorter one and effective so that it can attract people immediately. Not only SEO but such a trick can also help a site to get more traffic. However, the naming should be relevant with the matters or the contents of the page.

Other factors:

PHP SEO services surely help a website to get more traffic and come up to a higher rank in search engine ratings, but along with that the site needs proper co-operation of CMS or Content Management System and PHP server-site scripting systems. These things may not only make a site look good or fancy, but also useful.

There are sites that may look fancy enough but not so rich with contents. These sites generally stay back long behind as the unused yet longer URLs harm the SEO systems of these. If one wants to set up these sites as SEO friendly, PHP SEO can come to a great help then.


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