PPC Services

PPC Services


Pay Per Click (PPC) as the name suggests is an online advertising model that involves paying an ad publisher for clicks by audience on an advert. This model came about because advertisers saw the need to pay advertising rates for adverts that are clicked on as opposed to paying a flat rate on keyword search result pages.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and others put these paid listings to appear along with the organic or normal, non-paid search results- the paid listings usually appear as the slightly separated top few links on the results page.

PPC Services

The PPC ads are sold off in an auction where advertisers buy bids for keywords in an effort to be ranked on top and the hope that the keywords will drive traffic to their sites.

It is simple mathematics whereby you quote what you are willing to pay per click e.g. if your bid is ranked top at $ .10 per click then you will pay $10 for every 100 clicks. Once an ad is clicked, it leads one to the 'landing page' specific to each ad and designed with a marketing objective.

These are some of the reasons why online advertisers opt for Pay Per Click services;They generate instant traffic as soon as your ad is activated. Sometimes, PPC can be used to gauge audience reaction, perception and overall effectiveness of an ad before it is rolled out in more traditional and expensive ad mediums.

Effective and cheaper for niche terms whereby not so many people are bidding for the keyword you're bidding for. Unique or niche terms are very cheap and usually people who search for that particular key-phrase are 'niche audiences' themselves.

The metrics and analysis of ad effectiveness is possible through tools like CTR (Click Through Rates) which is basically a ratio that shows us how many people see the ad and how many actually end up clicking on it. This helps a lot in market analysis and ad effectiveness analysis.

You only get to pay for ads that get clicks or audience reaction i.e. as opposed to paying and not knowing if your message really got to the audience. This makes it very cost effective if utilized well.You can custom design your ad message for specific demographics of your audiences.

Furthermore, you can choose the audience demographic to expose your advert to hence making PPC a precision marketing tool. The natural or organic aspect of search machines is very laggard and they can take several days before they change and adapt to audience behavior.

There are other advantages and, of course, disadvantages of Pay Per Click model of advertising but the main important thing to understand is that it needs strategy.

By understanding the basics, one needs to weigh the options and deliberate on the pros and cons of this powerful medium and one thing that determine this understands the target audience.

What PPC wins hands down over the traditional mediums is the ability to target specific audiences and expose them to your ad messages.

PPC Services

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