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Seo Video is one of the newest ways to optimize a website. Video has a number of advantages compared to text and images. Currently, the video can also be accessed through a variety of gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

The number of smartphone and tablet users also increased from year to year. This gadget users are generally young people who love the new stuff and other interesting things. This is great opportunity to get a targeted audience via video.

Utilizing video to optimize a website can provide significant results depends on the quality of your video. If your video is liked by the audience, you can increase traffic quickly.

Interesting video more quickly spread through social media such as facebook, google plus, pinterest, twitter and more. By spreading your video link on the site, traffic to your site will increase rapidly.

The success of a business is closely related to marketing, include in online business. Therefore you need to do promotion, so that your products are known by the audience.

One of the most powerful media for promotion is the internet. Internet today is one of the media, which often accessed and became one of the inexpensive promotional media. Through the internet you can also do a promotion for free in the form of text, image and video.

SEO Benefits of video
- Facilitate the promotion
- Your messages can easily get to the audience
- Getting a quality backlink
- Increase your popularity
- Increase traffic
- Increase conversion
- Saves the cost of promotion

How to optimize your website by using video

Seo techniques with video similar to the seo techniques in general. You should pay attention to title, description, video format, keyword and do not forget to include your website url in the description.

Create a catchy title according to the keywords you are targeting. Catchy title usually more easily spread through social media such as youtube, pinterest, facebook, google plus and more. The attractive title will make visitors curious to see your video.

If your title is not interesting, most likely your video not be seen by visitors.

The use of keyword optimized is also very important, so your video easily found through search engines. The use of optimized keywords can bring targeted visitors. The increase in targeted visitors, will increase your sales.

The use of keyword that are optimized can reduce the visitor are not targeted. It is very useful to save your bandwith. In addition, you must also consider your video format. Do not forget to create a description that includes the keywords you are targeting.

In order your video quickly spread to the audience, do not forget to promote it through various websites such as forums, social media and blogs. The spread through social media sites usually faster.

Social media is the most accessible site by internet users. To optimize seo video, avoid overly long duration. If your content a lot, you can make some videos.

Currently seo video, is very liked and increasingly popular. Seo video can provide significant results in improving traffic and conversions. With increase traffic and conversion will also increase your sales.

seo video

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